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Fume Hood Testing & Certification

Chemical Fume Hoods are used to contain and exhaust chemical vapors.  They are designed to protect the operator, not for product protection.

This product line generally consists of Constant Air Volume (CAV), Variable Air Volume (VAV), Makeup Air or Bypass Type Fume Hoods and Bi-stable Vortex Fume Hoods. There are other specialty fume hoods such as presentation fume hoods as well.

In accordance with regulatory standards, Chemical fume hoods must be certified / performance tested at time of installation and at least annually thereafter.  More frequent test intervals should be considered for particularly hazardous or critical applications or workloads.  Containment is of utmost importance when certifying / testing any chemical fume hood.  Fume hoods must have an acceptable face velocity and must pass smoke testing to be considered usable for an operator.

Along with certification/performance testing, Danforth also provides chemical fume hood repairs and maintenance.

Our typical fume hood testing service includes:

  • Document all pertinent fume hood identification data
  • Average face velocity
  • Smoke testing (flow visualization) using titanium tetrachloride or other product
  • Measure hood sash opening and calculate fume hood volume
  • Inspect and document sash performance to verify protective ability of hood
  • Identify testing characteristics
  • Provide comprehensive computer generated report

Optional fume hood testing services:

Fume hood airflow monitors
In accordance with regulatory standards and general fume hood operating guidelines, Danforth highly recommends the use of airflow monitors with visual and audible alarms.  Airflow monitors provide the best way in ensuring the chemical fume hood is operating properly and is in compliance with regulatory guidelines.  Airflow monitors with visual and audible alarms allows operators to visually monitor the fume hood operation during experiments / research, ensuring the safety of all laboratory personnel.  View our airflow monitor offerings in our Products section.

Detailed Summary Report:

Standards Utilized:

  • All performance testing datasheets contain reference number, testing standard used, date of test, and person who performed the testing.
  • A comprehensive computer generated report will be furnished indicating any required recommendations.
  • Prepare and submit a budgetary proposal for any items deemed defective and/or requiring repair.