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Critical Care HVAC Environments

Danforth has a team of dedicated design engineers, qualified field installers and certified technicians ready to design and build your next Critical HVAC Environment including:

  • ISO Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • Animal Research
  • Air Change & Room Pressure Testing

Critical HVAC Environments in numerous healthcare and industrial applications maintain environmental conditions that promote occupant health, safety, and comfort; as well as assure product quality by maintaining consistent measurable HVAC environments.

Heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to maintain indoor air temperature and humidity at comfortable levels, control odors, and remove contaminated air. Critical Environments also maintain pressurization relationships to adjoining spaces, maintain air change rates and air cleanliness requirements.

HVAC systems in use to maintain Critical Environments require special maintenance and testing to assure proper filter efficiency and installation as well as annual inspections to assure air changes per hour and correct space pressurization.

Health Care Critical Environments

Published guidelines for the design and construction of health care critical environments address indoor air quality standards such as ventilation rates, temperature levels, humidity levels, pressure relationships and minimum air changes per hour. Specific areas in the facility such as operating rooms, laboratories, diagnostics, and patient care are listed individually.

These guidelines represent a consensus document among authorities having jurisdiction: AHJ; governmental regulatory agencies DOH and OSHA; health care professionals; professional organizations ASHRAE and ASHE; and accrediting organizations – Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). These guidelines are either adapted by reference or incorporated by the licensing agencies into their state standards. JCAHO, through its surveys, ensures that facilities are in compliance with the ventilation guidelines.

Danforth’s Client Solutions team can measure system performance and prepare reports with recommendations for system improvements necessary to meet compliance and final reporting, in a format acceptable to DOH and JCAHO.

Food and Pharmaceutical Production

As jurisdictional authority, the Food and Drug Administration also mandates performance and inspection for food production and pharmaceutical production. Many of the same design considerations prevail. Air quality as measured by cleanliness, air changes per hour, space pressurization temperature and humidity must meet published guidelines and be inspected annually for compliance.